Women's Kodiak Original Waterproof Boots


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Women's Kodiak Original Waterproof Boots -


  • Color: Caramel

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    • Waterproof leather and sealed seams with waterproof membrane construction keep feet dry
    • Slip resistant chevron rubber outsole
    • Feet stay comfortable with 200 GM Thinsulate™ insulation with removable leather memory foam insole
    • Durably comfortable microfiber lining

    The Original is a classic that dresses up or down. Unbelievably comfortable and chic, this waterproof leather boot is sure to please. Based on the classic KODIAK design, the Original finds the perfect balance between feminine and nostalgic.

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    Washington DC


    By far the most comfortable, from day one, boots I’ve ever had! Had them over a year and are looking better the older they get! Highly recommend!

    North Carolina

    ‘‘I love Kodiak boots’’

    I own three pairs of Kodiak boots - this pair and two pairs of the Trinity style (I believe the Trinity style was discontinued a while ago). They all wear very well and last many years. They are warm, comfortable, and waterproof. I own the caramel colour of this style. The leather marks pretty easily, but it's part of the style/look. It doesn't look bad. I recommend these boots and this brand to everyone!

    New York City

    ‘‘Kodiak boots are THE best boots for the best price. Period.’’

    I am 48 years old and have spent the last 10-15 years and thousands of dollars buying and searching for the best boots you can buy. From anywhere, money no object. I need boots for winter, summer, to wear out to a bar in Manhattan where I live, to ride my street motorcycle, to keep me warm and dry when it rains. A boot that does not take 4 months to break in, or that you have to treat like a child if they get a little damp you have to dry them, then retreat them. I have normal feet, not flat, not high arch. I want to wear them for 16 hours a day walking around and still be comfortable and have some performance. By that I mean if I want to run or walk up a grass or snow covered hill I need them to respond to my movements. I am athletic and need higher performance footwear, not flat or smooth soles you cant even walk on a carpet without slipping. After most of my adult life searching for a pair of boots, buying one pair only to waste another 8 months or year watching every pair fall apart or not do some or any of my above requirements....and searching throught the hundreds and hundreds of ridiculous companies who make ridiculous boots with absolutely ridiculous and untrue claims in their advertising, one day about a week ago, in the middle of a web page hidden there on page 14 of 38 pages of hundreds of different pairs of boots just from one store, there they were. Kodiak's. And I just sat stunned for a few minutes. There were a pair of Kodiak boots. I never write reviews, but this time I am spending my time writing this is not only as a review for anyone looking to end the insanity of hundreds and hundreds of companies trying to take your money and sell you their crapy low quality horrible fitting hurt your feet so you cant even stand up in them, freeze and soak your feet in a puddle boots for 3 or 4 or $5 hundred dollars...but I am also writing this to say thank you to Kodiak for doing what you have been doing for decades. Making the best all around boot in the world and not trying to make 400 hundred new styles or raising your prices to ridiculous amounts. I live in NYC but was born and raised in Ottawa Canada. This last 10-15 years that I have been searching for the best boots, I never once thought of or remembered that as a kid in Canada, my very first pair of boots that I got to pick instead of my mother were Kodiak's. I remember how excited I was even going to the store to get my first new pair of Kodiak's. Because Everyone, young and old wore Kodiak boots. In the freezing winters and in the hot summers. Everyone wore the same pair of Kodiak's. All year round. For work, for play for cold for warm for wet. Kodiak's. I remember never even tying mine up cause I thought they were cooler untied with my jeans tucked in the top and I'd be out all day in deep..deep snow freezing cold days and my feet never ever got wet or cold. And just a couple days ago, when I clicked the link for the Kodiak classic and saw the very same boot, color, style materials...and that Kodiak stayed true to their product and their customers and have continued to make the very same boot I grew up wearing over 40 years ago, and the price was not $395 or some other ridiculous amount of money for some piece of crap made in Indonesia boot.....I really almost cried. And so this review is to let anyone else out there who actually reads this and is in the middle of your boot search nightmare know, you can end the insanity. Do your self a favor and get yourself your pair of Kodiaks and end the insanity. And to Kodiak, who is one of those extremely rare companies, like Harley Davidson or Jack Daniels or Walt Disney or Ford Motor Company or any other company who were making and selling their products back in the day 50 or 100 years ago when they were the first or one of only a few companies making motorcycles or whiskey or cars and are still around today making the same quality product they have been making in the last century....Kodiak is one of those companies. They are one of the originals who kept my feet warm and dry as a kid in Canada 50 years ago and have not changed their product at all still making and selling the same product for the price the product is worth, not more, not less, and have kept millions of others warm and dry and comfortable since. This is to say thank you Kodiak for your integrity and for keeping my feet warm and dry and protected (I also rode dirt bikes as a kid so I had a pair of steel toe Kodiaks also) Thank you Kodiak for still being there. I just forgot over the last 10-15 years during my search becasue of all the ridiculous and confusing advertising and the hundreds of dumb companies who make thousands of styles of boots, not one that I ever found in my opinion made any sense at all. They all wanted to sell me their boots. They wanted my money. Now that I've found Kodiak again, I believe Kodiak wants us all to have warm dry comfortable feet and a good pair of boots that we just trust and feel confident in anywhere we want to go in life. So people dont worry if it gets cold or wet or icy that they will slip or get sick from cold wet feet. Kodiak wants us to have boots to protect us and be an advantage not something we have to worry about or spend hours spraying or waxing or trying to figure out if I need bees was or mink oil or some other crap to take care of your boots cause if you dont, they will just fall apart. Kodiak wants us all to have a really good pair of boots. And for that, they have to charge money. But their goal is to get us a good pair of boots, not just to take our money. People, get your Kodiaks and Kodiak, thank you! And I think I can speak on behalf of every Canadian kid who grew up in the 70's through all those Canadian winters. Thank you for making us our boots then and for keeping them the same through all these years. My new pair of Kodiaks will be arriving soon and there will be my familiar and trusted pair in my closet from now until the end. Thanks!


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