The Built for What Matters Initiative

At Kodiak, we build footwear for exploring the planet, and as such, we acknowledge our responsibility to help take care of it. That’s why we are striving to make better choices that help limit our impact on the environment. We have begun a journey to source more recycled, renewable and eco-considered materials—like leathers processed using less energy and water; textiles made with recycled plastic; and outsoles formulated with recycled, reground rubber. We’re committed to building a greener future by focusing on continuous improvements and progress towards minimizing our environmental footprint without compromise to the quality and performance of our products.

Introducing the Men's Skogan Hikers

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Seam sealed waterproof LITE leathers

Premium full grain seam sealed waterproof LITE leathers from ISA TanTec are made with Low Impact to the Environment. The LITE system is fully integrated into the leather tanning process, which is specially designed to reduce and control water and energy usage, as well as limit the amount of chemicals used.

Men’s Skogan Mid Waterproof Hiker in Gray / Teal

Men’s Skogan Mid Waterproof Hiker in Gray / Teal

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Recycled plastic laces, liners and upper mesh fabric

Durable textiles in the uppers are made with:

  • 100% recycled plastic

  • 100% recycled plastic linings

  • Dual-tone laces are spun with 50% recycled fabric as well


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Kodiak® ComfortZone Eco footbed

Kodiak partnered with Evoco to develop the new Comfortzone Eco footbed featuring FATES, a superior performing foam made with 70% plant-based biomass. The new Comfortzone Eco footbed delivers unmatched comfort with minimal environmental impact.

  • Made with at least 70% plant-based biomass

  • Contoured arch provides “around the foot” support

  • Dual-density footbed topped with Ortholite® comfort foam for cushioning and moisture control

  • Inverted diamond shaped platform for shock absorption

Photo of bottom of footbed Photo of top of footbed
Footbed inserts side by side


Multi-directional lug performance outsole features 15% recycled regrind rubber. Evenly spaced multi-direction lugs grip to variable surfaces while keeping dirt on the trail.

  • 15% recycled regrind rubber, 85% virgin rubber

  • Evenly spaced multi-direction lugs grip to variable surfaces

Photo of bottom of foot, mid-step, wearing boot Photo of the bottom of boot Photo of the bottom of boot

As we design and build future products, we are committed to the following:

  • 1

    Work with partners that offer traceable recycled, organic, and renewable materials.

  • 2

    Source leather from tanneries rated Silver, Gold or Platinum by the Leather Working Group (a multi-stakeholder auditing group) for their environmental responsibility.

  • 3

    Replace oil-based materials with plant-based alternatives.

  • 4

    Build for longevity and durability by integrating replaceable and repairable parts.

  • 5

    Strive for Zero Waste in owned and partner manufacturing facilities by considering recycling factory surplus and/or using post-consumer waste.

  • 6

    Limiting the number of materials and trims used.

  • 7

    Thoughtful assessment of each material choice that gives equal weight to environmental impact and intended end-use.

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Built For What Matters