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For over a hundred years, the name Kodiak has been associated with safe, durable and genuine footwear used by people in many industries. Kodiak boots not only offer you high levels of safety in the workplace, but extreme comfort and high durability. Through proper designing and structure, these boots are built to last in every potential working condition possible. Boots delivered by Kodiak offer something unique for both men and women alike, leaving no one left out. There are work boots that are specific to heavy-duty work environments, which are made from high-end materials, such as steel. Similarly, if you work in light industries, Kodiak offers similar style boots at affordable prices.

Kodiak work boots have been the standard in many heavy-duty industries, typically due to the durability and performance it offers in these environments. You have wheat colored work boots that are made from waterproof leather, oil resistance rubber and a flexible polyurethane inner lining. The Pro Worker boots from Kodiak delivers optimum comfort and safety while you’re on the job. The foot bed in these work boots are removable and offer a special unique feature. The foot bed has an energy transfer heel feature that helps your foot stay warm at all times, despite weather conditions.

Now, this brings us to winter boots, which are a must have for both men and women. Winter boots for women need to scale down in size, as women generally have smaller feet. Kodiak understands the importance in offering comfortable warm boots in the winter, so they’ve made no sacrifice in their winter boots collection for men and women. Whether you’re looking for work boots or winter boots, Kodiak offers a wide range of colors, styles and sizes to meet all your preferential requirements.

When you’re working in an accident prone environment, it is crucial that you have the right type of safety shoes. Industries that are typically safe still require all their workers to wear safety shoes, which help reduce the chances of a mishap. Kodiak safety shoes are available in all sizes, so choosing one particular one shouldn’t be a problem for you. These safety shoes all include a hard leather covered top with heel guards. Work boots and safety shoes need to be lightweight so that you could move around easily, without having to drag your feet behind you. Kodiak boots are dependable in quality and remain to be quite lightweight compared to other brands.

Buying the right fit shoes or boots makes a huge difference in how you feel in them. When you’re choosing winter boots, it is important to try them on and make sure that they are not the least bit loose. Boots go through a lot of wear and tear during the winter, especially with all the salt that is put out on our streets. When you’ve purchased your safety shoes or boots, you need to make sure that you clean it every so often, so that it stays clean and shows no sign of wear and tear. Overall, Kodiak remains to be one of the most trusted and dependable brands of footwear for use in the work environment.

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