Jenna and Gavin

They met as co-workers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gavin is the Superintendent, and Jenna is the Project Manager. As a cohesive team, they communicate daily to manage the project, budget, schedule, problem-solve, and help each other out. They also work together on-site and encourage each other to speak up if they feel they should take a different approach to the task at hand.

"Before any of our projects start, we have conversations about our goals for our job site, how we want it to run, and how we would communicate. In the simplest form, I own the project budget, and Gavin owns the schedule."
- Jenna

As for women seeking work in the trades, Jenna recommends believing that you belong there and always continuing to learn. When you put your work boots on, allow yourself to feel empowered.

"Give yourself permission to find what you enjoy and what you don’t. Research, try, fail, try, ask questions, improve, repeat.

Be humble, but make waves."
- Jenna