Judaline and Carey


Queens, NY

Plumber and longtime friend to the Move Over Bob organization, Judaline Cassidy speaks on the life-changing opportunities available to all in the trades. To the public, Judaline is an ambassador for change through Tools & Tiaras Inc., an educational program for young girls that introduces non-traditional roles through the teaching of various trade applications. At home, Judaline is also a mentor for her daughter Carey who is currently a Sheet Metal apprentice. Carey Mercer shares her own reasons for following in her mother's footsteps and comments on the importance of a strong support network, on and off the job. 

"Jobs truly don't have genders."

Special thanks to Chris Weickert, of Weickert Sheet Metal in New York, for allowing us into his workshop and witness their craft firsthand.

Founded in 2017 by history-making plumber Judaline Cassidy, Tools & Tiaras Inc. is a NYC-headquartered nonprofit on a mission to show girls (ages 6-14) that "Jobs Don’t Have Genders™”. The organization does this through hands-on summer camps and monthly workshops centered on the skilled construction trades. T&T puts tools directly into girls' hands so they realize just how capable they are. All T&T programming is led by gender and racial barrier breaking tradeswomen and industry leaders so girls get to be inspired by mentors who look like them. Ultimately, Tools & Tiaras empowers girls with the skills and self-confidence to see limitless possibilities for themselves as next generation construction workforce trailblazers, STEM leaders, or anything they dream for themselves.