Love Your Boots and They’ll Love You Back

The Care & Keeping of Your Kodiak Footwear

Your Kodiak footwear is the result of over a century of boot making knowhow. In those years, we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping leather performing its best. It starts with our most premium leather, chosen for its great looks, durability and performance. To keep them at their best, we recommend some basic care—and promise that whatever you put them it you’ll get back, with years of faithful service.


Leather needs ventilation to stay fresh and flexible, so store your boots where they can dry naturally. Tempting as it is, avoid using a hairdryer or placing them over a heat vent, because drying too quickly can cause the leather to shrink and crack. Some of our styles have insoles that can be removed to help the interior of your boots dry quickly.


Sure, a little dirt and dust show that you’ve put your footwear to good use—but too much can cause the leather to break down prematurely. When dirty, grab a damp cloth and give the leather a good wipe. Avoid soap because it can cause the leather to dry out. For suede, use a brush designed for suede and nubuck leather cleaning.

Get Rich Quick

To keep your leather looking rich and lustrous, use a leather conditioner or cream moisturizer that will prevent it from drying out. Work the leather treatments into the tongue and apply a second thin coat around the toe.

Seek Shade

We’re big fans of waterproofing creams and waxes rather than sprays—but all are effective in keeping out rain and snow. Creams and waxes tend to soak in deeper, providing a long-lasting barrier against the elements. If you choose to use a leather protectant spray, always use it outdoors to prevent breathing in vapors. Note that most waterproofing creams and waxes will change the color of the leather, darkening it, and we recommend spot-testing before a full application.

With some routine maintenance, your Kodiak footwear will keep you exploring far and wide for seasons to come!